Recruiting Nurses

Few would argue that there is a significant shortage in the nursing workforce, and the severity will only worsen. According to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, there were 126,000 unfilled nursing positions in 2014. By 2020, the shortage will reach roughly 400,000 positions. Nurses entering the workforce have a position of leverage […]

Compensation vs. Benefits: Which is More Important?

As globalization continues to rise, companies are having to re-evaluate their compensation systems in order to attract and retain the best talent. There is a large difference however, between compensation and total compensation.  While compensation usually refers to an employee’s base salary, total compensation includes both the base salary and any extra benefits.  Employees today […]

Hiring for Emotional Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry

As the U.S. healthcare system begins to shift from volume-based care to value-based care, priorities of medical staff are beginning to center on the health outcomes of the patient instead of profit margins. However, patient-centered care does not just include new care delivery models but also improved relationships and interactions between providers and patients. These relationships […]